XGen Techies


About Us

How the World of Technology has changed in the last five years? How it will change in the next five years? We used to wonder about this. Then we realized that wondering won’t do any good. The World needs doers more than thinkers. That is why we have decided to step into this arena of creating technology.


Automated Process Tools

We believe that no one can do a better job than a human. But there are some instances that call for a repeated process. So why not automate it? We are proficient in building automated tools such as Jenkins and Dev-ops, that will ease your business process and cut costs.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Apps are the present and they are the future. It cannot be denied that our lives are run by Mobile Apps. A mobile app helps a business to flourish. We are capable of designing and developing mobile apps that will take your product and business to a higher level. Be it on android or ios, we guarantee you that apps made by us will always be on the fingertips of the users.

Testing Services

Creating a bug-free application is a challenge. Many applications failed to win the hearts of customers because of those grisly bugs sprawling over the core functions. To free your application from bugs, we have gathered professional testers to run manual and automated tests on your application. We provide services for various types of testing such as Functional, Usability, Localization, and Automation.